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Our First-rate Breeders

Internationally acclaimed tropical & cold water fish breeders

We’ve partnered with the top breeders in Israel in order to provide our consumers not just with a quality niche - but with a one-stop-shop solution, offering the highest quality of products in all different divisions of fish species.



Hazorea Aquatics

Founded by Kibbutz Hazorea, Hazorea Aquatics has decades of experience breeding high-quality Goldfish, Fantails, and bio-secure Koi.


Dagon - Madankoi

Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael began their journey in the 1980s, cultivating and breeding Koi. This vast experience is part of what makes Dagon one of the top-quality Koi suppliers. Dagon’s farm breeds outdoor Koi, bio-secure Koi, Goldfish, and eco-friendly fish.

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Kfar Ruppin

Kfar Ruppin’s farm used to belong solely to the Kibbutz. Oz Shamia, a renowned expert in the field, rented the farm from them and is now fully in charge of operation. The experienced team produces high-quality outdoor Koi and Goldfish.


Color fish

established by Oz Shamia in 2006, Colourfish specializes Fancy Goldfish breeding. A wide range of first-class Fantails and Oranda have crowned this farm as a 100% reliable Fancy Goldfish supplier


Koi Kin

since 2008, Koi Kin owned by Fradkin and Bitan families producing butterfly Koi in such successful way which positioning the farm as the best quality butterfly Koi (Bio-Secured). In the last years they started produce and supply successfully Bio-Secured goldfish.




The most experienced tropical fish farm in Israel started with Anat & Ran Epsteen - 25 years of operating, breeding a wide range of top-quality tropical fish - Guppy, Platy, Swordtails, Scalars, Ramirezi, Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Gourami, and many more. And they don’t plan on stopping there

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Following Anat & Ran Epsteen’s success in fish breeding, Ran’s parents and brother followed in the same direction. They established their farm in 2008, concentrating in production of unique Platy varieties. Judging by their great success and top-quality products, it looks like fish breeding runs in the family

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Avi Aglamaz and Zohar Mazan began to breed Guppies in 2000. Since then they’ve branched out their specialty to Platys as well. Their unique farm structure allows them to supply jumbo size fish along with standard size first-class Livebearers. 

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Sea gal

Ran Segev, along with his wife Sigal (the inspiration behind the farm’s name) acquired their aquaristan knowledge at the University of Jerusalem. Since 2005, they’ve specialized in top-quality Molly breeding.


Ginat fish

The Ginat family has specialized in Guppy breeding ever since 2008. Their long years of experience has helped them achieve a reputation for their top-quality fish and their remarkable stability in supplying a wide range of unique varieties.


Danziger Discus

Established in 2005 as a Discus farm, founder Shahar Danziger built and upgraded the farm to meet market demand. Shahar specializes in South American species breeding: Scalars and Ramirezi. His speciality earned him worldwide recognition as a top supplier of these species.

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Cultivating and improving his farm for the last 30 years, Amit Shany is considered one of the top tropical fish breeders. His specialization is Ancistrus varieties breeding.

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Star Fish

Itzik Staretz was one of the first Swordtails and Platy breeders in Israel when he opened his farm in 1996, and to this day, he’s one of the top vendors. Since then he’s added to his list of specializations Neon Tetra and doctor fish (Red garra).



Born in Italy and moved to Israel out of love for the country - Fabio has dedicated his life to fish breeding. For over 20 years, Fabio and his family have been breeding a wide array of species, all the way from livebearers - Guppy, Platy and Swordtails, to different egg-layers, such as Barbs and Danios.


Water Marks 

Gerry was the first (and many say the best) Gourami breeder in Israel through the 1990s. For people in the industry, he’s simply known as "Gerry Gourami". Gerry also specializes in the supply of top-quality African Cichlids varieties.

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Splash farm

Better known by its owner family name – Manor – Evyatar Manor is the only marine fish breeder in the Israeli market, after all others who’ve tried met with difficulties and failed. Evyatar knows this business better than anybody.

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Dag Barama

Established over 20 years ago by Nathan Kinsbursky as a Discus farm. Following Nathan's sudden death, his wife and sons decided to keep the farm going and cultivate it, in his memory and in respect to his pioneering the way being one of the first breeders of Discus in Israel.

In addition to the above farms, few smaller breeders such as Rose farm, Invita, My Shrimp, Gil and others are marketing with Aquamade their tropical fish and freshwater Shrimps.

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